Walking Down Roller Coaster’s 230-Foot Incline Probably Wasn’t The Thrill Six Flags Visitors Expected

By  August 4, 2014

(NBC New York)

While it’s surely preferable to walk down a 230-foot incline than stay stuck at that height, it’s hard to imagine Six Flags visitors riding on the Nitro at Great Adventure in New Jersey weren’t expecting a bit more of a thrill.

Officials at the amusement park say that the ride was on its way up to make a big drop when the power failed, stranding the car before the fun could begin, reports PIX 11.

Fun, which was supposed to be at a “maximum thrill-level” and give visitors a “gut-munching” ride, according to the Nitro’s web site. The ride climbs to 233 feet on the first hill (or it’s supposed to) before dropping riders 215 feet.

After the Nitro idled to a stop, park staff walked up the access stairs to escort passengers down to ground level, and shut down the ride for the rest of the night to investigate.

Again — it could be worse: Descending a few hundred feet or stuck 60 feet in the air during a downpour with no access to food, water or bathrooms? I’ll take a walk, please.

Six Flags roller coaster loses power at 230-foot peak; riders forced to walk down [PIX 11]
Six Flags Thrill Ride Gets Stuck, Passengers Forced to Walk Down [NBC New York]


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