Who Has It Worse: Victims Of This Scary “Living” Poster, Or The Guy Stuck Inside?

If you want a viral advertising gimmick, there are few more reliable methods than just scaring the fecal matter out of innocent people. But after looking at this video about one amusement park’s terrifying “living” poster, we’re not sure if we feel worse for the people who soil their jeans from fright or the poor guy who is stuck inside the poster all day.

The folks at Gröna Lund Scare park in Sweden should probably not have posted the above behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the poster, which features a white display with only a few words and a QR code for people to scan with their phones.

Scanning that code triggers a horrific screaming sound from inside the display, all while some sort of ghoulish creature tries to claw its way through the white poster, which honestly has to be a pretty scary event for those not expecting it.

But as the behind-the-scenes video shows, that movement isn’t achieved through some sort of Disney-ish animatronics, but through the old-fashioned way — some poor sucker who has to stand in the display all day waiting for people to scan the QR code.


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